-Hey! I’m Vinzent/Vin. I am a young,Black Hispanic artist from Chicago IL. I love drawing! I draw stupid doodles,gore,ocs,furries(not too often but I do it whenever). I draw from my phone using my finger. It’s gonna snap soon- it’s on life support. And I also draw traditionally. I draw to escape reality, just to try to put my mind off my past. It’s pretty nice. I’ve been drawing since probably the 1st grade? I love putting my art out there for everybody to see, maybe make some new friends!I hope one day I can make a lot of
You happy with my art

Hey. You wanna gamble your life away with a drawing of your request? Then this is the place for you! I only use cashapp sorry. My cashapp is $VinBug

Head shots of any oc or character.
Price: $5

A Half body
Price: $10

Full body shots.
Price: $15

Sorry it’s a little hard to see. Reference sheets.
Price: $30

Payment due upon completion

My socials you can contact me on^^